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Send your music for consideration to

Please send mp3 files if you have them available I can convert others. Please include a twitter and facebook page if you have them. I send out tweets each time your song plays. Please send an iTunes link if you have one. We are a country music station so that is the music I prefer. If you send other music we may play it but in fairness to the country music artists I am not accepting to much of the other genres of music. Sometimes we do not have the time to respond.

If you would like you can send a short mp3 file introducing your music. I will play that before your song plays.

I will play your music and send out a notice so everyone knows it's playing.

Thank you,
Tom Kelly
Chasing Your Dream Radio

There are various ways to listen to Chasing Your Dream Radio

You can go to or and listen on the web page just click on the player.

You can listen on the tunein web page

You can listen on the web page

You can search for Chasing Your Dream Radio on the tunein app for iTunes and Android in the app store or the play store.

You can stream Chasing Your Dream Radio to your favorite audio player with this

You can listen to Chasing Your Dream Radio on our facebook page, please like our page.

Mersi Stone at Glitter and Glam, supporting Apape Animal Rescue.
Mersi Stone
JessLee featured artist on CYDR radio
Jess Lee
Tigirlily featured artist on CYDR radio
Noah Smith featured artist on CYDR radio
Noah Smith
Kelly Reiter featured artist on CYDR radio
Kelly Reiter
Jessica Lynn featured artist on CYDR radio
Jessica Lynn
Kiana Meradith featured artist on CYDR radio
Kiana Meradith

Here at Chasing Your Dream Radio we play a combination of established country music artists as well as upcoming potential future stars.

We feature the music of new artists chasing their dream. We are on 24 hours a day 7 days a week and can be heard on the internet around the world.

We like to give anyone a chance to have their music heard. We salute those who work hard to pursue their dreams.

It takes a lot of passion, luck and dedication to achieve them. Tune in and listen you may like someone you have never heard before.

We have some artists that have appeared on shows such as The Voice, American idol and America's Got Talent and Modern Family.

We also have some artists that have appeared with or opened for Keith Urban, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Jo Dee Messina to name a few. Some have even played at the Grand Old Opry.

You will find there are some amazingly talented people out there.

Heart Songs Corporation
Heartsongs Corp
Heart Songs for Veterans
Heartsongs For Veterans

Heart Songs for Veterans mission is to help our Nations Veterans. Artists from across the nation from all genres of music donate songs, EP’s and Full Length Albums paying forward the royalties to Veteran Organizations.

Heart Songs for Veterans is the pairing of Founder, Jill Pavel’s two passions, Helping Veterans and Music. By bringing the two communities together in an innovating pairing, the programming was born. Jill’s personal Heart Song is the joy that this programming will bring to the Veterans, their families and the artists that will be privileged to make a difference. Heart Songs for Veterans initially started as a random act of kindness campaign to help raise funding for a service dog organization with one of the artists that Jill is managing, Andy Roadarmel. The program was innovative and well received in the Nashville arena and with the support of her staff she launched Heart Songs Corporation a record label to support the programming. The charity platform is manned with a volunteer corp that is 100% volunteer alongside executives Kenna Hunter (Charity Director) and Charlotte Shockey (Marketing Director).

Jill Pavel is the Host & Executive Producer of Project Lips, A Heart Songs for Veterans Production that launched October 2014 with her partners at Scorpion Radio Group. Project Lips. She is the Co-Founder of Music Update Central (originally Official Music Update), Founder of Yonk Radio and producer of The Hip Hop Diner Show & Something About Rosie Show launching on the Yonk Radio Network 2016. She is a Board Advisor, of Truckin4Troops, Hope Farms 4 Veterans and is the Director of the Veteran Service Dog Program at GatorlandK9 International.

Project Lips Radio Show
Project Lips

Cassie Gannis Racing
Spectra Music Group
Death by Liptstick Productions

We now have a call in line. 623-252-4318 - Call with your requests, comments, suggestions and praise.

We can be reached by email at: